Hyperpigmentation on the bikini line - How to get rid of discolouration in the bikini area

How to get rid of discolouration in the bikini area?

Bikini line discolouration / hyperpigmentation is a very common occurrence for women of all tones and walks of life! Although common, it is still something that over 75% of women feel insecure about and want to change... which led to the birth of our popular bikini area range that has helps 100s of women today

Can you safely get rid of discolouration / hyperpigmentation on the bikini area?

This is something that can easily be treated without using unsafe bleaching creams and expensive laser treatments. of course, if those previously mentioned options are preferable for you, then by all means, its your choice.
For those who would like to manage hyperpigmentation on the bikini line at home, this can be done quite easily!

Which products should I use for bikini line hyperpigmentation?

-To stop, reduce or treat ingrown hairs, ingrown remedy works great at this. The 2% salicylic acid penetrates the skin and thoroughly exfoliates, emptying the pores and reducing the occurrences of hairs ingrowing.
-To stop ingrown hairs and treat old ingrown hair scars, also incorporate intimate toner into your routine. This product has great skin evening benefits, swell as exfoliating benefits. It contains glycolic acid which overall, brightens the complexion, reduces hyperpigmentation, sun damage and darkened spots.
-Another great contender for tackling old scarring and encouraging an even skin tone is, blemish butter. Enriched with shea butter, cocoa butter and beneficial acids such as liquorice root, bearberry extract and lactic acid.
For best results, Use all three, following instructions on each product.

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