In conjunction with our products, the following, largely contribute to maintaining an even tone, blemish free bikini area. 




  • Avoid regular shaving and try to opt for waxing or laser hair removal


  • Do not pick/squeeze/burst inflammation as this will irritate and lead to scarring


  • Opt into getting monthly vajacials, where extractions will be performed safely, minimising the occurence of scarring.


  • Wear loose cotton underwear


  • Avoid using scented soaps around your bikini area as this may irritate any inflammation. Natural soaps are your best bet.


  • Minimise the use of physical exfoliants (scrubs) in the bikini area whilst experiencing inflammation as this will irritate it further.


  • Avoid sugar scrubs on your bikini area, as sugar harbours bacteria. 


With these tips and consistent use of our bikini area range, you should achieve your desired look in no time. 


Disclaimer: All plant derived products have been used. If in the unlikely event irritation occurs, please terminate use with immediate effect.